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From the dawn of time, people have sought ways to embellish themselves by putting one piece of nature together with another to create body ornaments to set themselves apart.


This season for Peruffo, Marta Martino goes back to the origins of jewelry, from found objects to talismans and children’s toys, to capture the precious spirit of the pieces we invest with the highest power of attraction.

“I wanted this collection to be playful, but also a bit dark,” says Martino. “I’m fascinated by the power we assign certain objects, from money to gold, from crypto currency to the stock market.”


With the gold nugget as the starting point, Peruffo has sculptured a collection of naturally idiosyncratic shapes. These rocky beads fall together like mini sculptures. While the golden rocks are more or less alike, each appears slightly different, to reflect light in endless ways.
Strung together like children’s candy bracelets on elastic titanium bands, they’re refined play things. The sense of movement is omnipresent in assemblages of white, rose, black and yellow gold enhanced with solitaire diamonds.


Actual Objects has created a parallel universe via softwear technology to capture the Peruffo Rocks spirit of assemblage.
By processing and reprocessing live action footage set to the beat of a custom audio tract, the pieces take on a unique color, patina and mood.
This animated collage inspired by rave poster art and party snap shots plays with light, chaos and repetition to create an electric backdrop of saturated candy colors in which the Peruffo Rocks appear to vibrate.