Contemporary jewels made in Italy | Peruffo Jewels
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OUR BRAND – Contemporary jewels made in Italy

It’s from Fratelli Bovo’s 40 years of experience and research in the art of jewelry, that the path of Peruffo starts: a jewelry brand with an incisive character, always recognizable. Competence and sensitivity towards the subject combine with the use of innovative techniques, in a brand characterized by experimental design and style always in contact with the contemporary culture trends.


To design a new vision of contemporary jewelry: in Peruffo’s view, research and experimentation are the starting points. Unconventional shapes, timeless objects, links between jewel and design complement.


Contemporary Design

The alchemical, material union between man and woman: female force and male grace join together in objects redefining old patterns and resolving old divisions. Finally limitless, seasonless, timeless.

Objects free from the constraints of appearance, targeting multifaceted and informed audiences, confident in their choices in every area, evolved and transversal. Precious materials are declined in the most precise of forms: the jewel, whose first purpose is the intrinsic need to be pleasant to the senses. Gold and precious stones creating designs competing with architecture and fashion, and drawing from contemporary aesthetics objects that keep their value over time – emotional, material, artistic.

Artistic Contamination

In Peruffo’s view, the contemporary jewelry must expand the scene of the current arts, and re-think the very idea of the project, through the constant collaboration with emerging designers coming from the most diverse creative contexts. In Peruffo’s view, the contemporary jewelry is an open field, where goldsmithing craft, contemporary art, and design reciprocally influence each other.

A precise and definite concept, a convergence of planning and originality aiming for a new idea of jewel: multiple contaminations, a never-ending journey into the suggestions of contemporary art, culture, and design.



Peruffo jewels are created for those who can recognize the value of creativity and understand its suggestions, who are not afraid to choose, who are fully aware of their own desire.


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