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Peruffo Jewelry is pleased to announce its participation in “The Joy of Colour”, an innovative exhibition on contemporary jewellery, open until May 10 at the Shenzhen Jewelery Museum.


A forward-thinking exhibition presenting the public with vivid insights into how Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse will inspire the jewellery design of tomorrow.


The exhibition is curated by Paola De Luca – creative director and jewellery expert – assisted by her team The Futurist, and by marketing specialist Helen Mao, in collaboration with TRENDVISION, an observatory on trends in the jewellery sector.


Paola De Luca says: “colour is light, and light is energy. Humanity is breaking the boundaries of languages, rules, geographical and political barriers by merging into parallel realities.”


“Entering the 3.0 era, my vision for the future of jewellery design encompasses design and manufacturing interconnected with immersive experiences, creating hybrid spaces where digital art and culture will inspire consumers and commerce to have the best experience luxury”.


The exhibition, which in addition to the Peruffo Jewelry pieces, hosts the works of 24 jewellery designers from all over the world, reflects on the impact of social phenomena – such as play and solitude – on jewellery design after the pandemic, as well as reinterpreting and rebuilding our past heritage in design inspiration; the impact of the circular economy and sustainable practices; and the prospect of an increasingly “phygital” world.




The joy of Colour

Peruffo Jewelry – Ink Collection – Square Maxi Ring

Peruffo Jewelry – Stones Collection – Tower Earring

Peruffo Jewelry – Stones Collection – Boxy Ring