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Our Origins, Our Brand | Women’s gold jewels

Peruffo is the natural evolution of Fratelli Bovo, for almost 40 years an important reality in the gold industry of Vicenza, the worldwide jewelry district of excellence. A company that has put research, the use of innovative techniques and the excellence of the best Italian craftsmanship at the service of a solid and dynamic entrepreneurial vision.



Jewelry is not just craft, but an art that requires the ability to translate an intangible idea into a concrete object. The visions and suggestions constituting the basic tenets of Peruffo’s research and planning path are different but complementary. Corporeal and symbolic architectures, signs, semiotic elements on the body: the concept becomes matter, through the constant experimentation on materials and the hands of skilled craftsmen. Shapes are deconstructed and reconstructed, through innovative jewelry techniques and a constant exchange between different but complementary skills: those of designers, of modellers and of all the departments necessary for the creation of each piece.


Changing point of view as pure possibility of experimentation. Tradition and innovation find language and form in jewels with a unique design. Design, manufacturing, marketing: Peruffo works with a deep focus on the coherence and cohesion of all levels of each of its products’ design. Ideas and objects infused with strength, expressive and visceral in an elegant minimalism.


Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings remain as a firm point in time: jewels with a story, designed free from the need to chase the trends, but with the desire to trace their own path, unparalleled, unprecedented. Peruffo subverts the classic rules, destructures the canons, in favor of objects with a design always recognizable. Jewels designed following the constant need of the brand to evolve and experiment.


Social Responsability

Fratelli Bovo S.r.l., always coherent in all of its aspects, is member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a standards setting organization created to promote work processes that fully respect the human being and his work throughout the supply chain of diamonds, gold and platinums.