Collections | Peruffo Jewels Women's gold Jewels collection
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Peruffo Jewels Women’s gold Jewels collection

Many collections, one soul.
Many identities making an organic whole, where all elements coordinate and exchange: an universe of diverse signs, forming a unique and recognizable language.

9 or 18 carats – the gold. Yellow, pink, and black – the colors.
The materials express specific potentials and symbologies, as each color has its own precise meaning: the preciousness of the material is declined in its most precise form.

Jewels created by the best Italian craftsmanship: unconventional collections where research, artistic contamination and design emerge as distinctive traits.


“Point and line to plane”, radical text by Kandinsky, sums up the foundations of Studs, in which the functional element of the small pyramidal stud turns into the unique essence of the collection. Function becomes aesthetics: the closure turns into a central element that, infinitely reiterated, gets to be the jewel itself. The obsessive repetition of the pyramid, an archetype and a perfect geometric shape rising from a set of lines but also a succession of points (peaks), in yellow gold and intense blue agate, generates rigorous as much as winding and intriguing jewels.


Chains, the new Peruffo Jewelry collection, enhances and transforms in a decorative element what could be considered a basic piece of jewelry: the diamond cut beads chain.
Creative director Marta Martino appropriates of this elemental component raising it to the status of high jewelry, creating pieces of which it is absolute protagonist, hiding and unveiling shapes such as rings, earrings and bracelets in a continuous play of fixed and moving elements.


The SLIDE collection shows an architectural and sculptural understanding of line and movement to describe space. Serried, rigid, moving elements spiral around an empty central vortex to create light-capturing, undulating lines of golden fringe; forming harmonious, constantly changing, 3D sculptures of light and shade and exploring the relationship between object and shadow connected by immaterial space.


Structure becomes volume in I N K Peruffo collection.
A collection focusing on the conceptual and abstract aspect of the creative act. The relationship between void and solid is reversed: thin metal wires virtually reconstruct the stones cuts in a subtraction process. Once the surfaces are eliminated, only the perimeter lines remain, the essence becomes sense. A liquid thread of ink, yellow and black gold for an essential and sophisticated trompe-l’œil.


Contemporary jewelry evolves in a collection whose link with architecture, design and art is clear, strong and deep: smooth lines in contrast with solid geometries, organic vs. inorganic. Metal on flesh, jewels creating and drawing connections with the body: hooks and darts and bolts, piercing the naked skin.