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SLIDE is the idea in movement
SLIDE is the ink that drips and flows naturally
SLIDE is about light and movement


The SLIDE collection is to be understood as a consequence of the preceding INK collection and remains true to the designer’s avant-garde, yet timeless, artistic vision.
The line is the starting point for all design, in SLIDE it is used to describe the way ideas spray from the brain in a golden burst to take their own linear course. In SLIDE light is associated with ideas and golden ink with the translation of the most exciting idea; the fine gold rods that are the moving elements of each piece of jewellery in the collection, create spontaneous, constantly changing shapes against the wearer’s skin – moving sculptures that echo the unceasing rhythm of the motion and flow of thought.


The SLIDE collection shows an architectural and sculptural understanding of line and movement to describe space. Serried, rigid, moving elements spiral around an empty central vortex to create light-capturing, undulating lines of golden fringe; forming harmonious, constantly changing, 3D sculptures of light and shade and exploring the relationship between object and shadow connected by immaterial space.


The designer has created jewellery with the properties of kinetic sculptures; spontaneously and rhythmically manipulating light, space and optical perception in beautiful, fluid, shape-forming, shadow-play in sensuous interaction and interdependence with the wearer, whose slightest movement gives each piece of jewellery a life of its own.
The award-winning performance artist Franziska Aigner interprets the SLIDE collection with free and spontaneous movement, dictated by impulse and emotion rather than reasoning.


Nadine Fraczkowski’s photographs use the power of chiaroscuro lighting: concentrated and intimate it symbolizes the conception of thoughts from the darkness of unknowing, giving further volume to the immaterial solidity of the 3D shapes created by the jewellery in movement. The light is concentrated solely on the jewellery, and the resulting contrast between dark and light allows the elements in gold to emerge radiant, like thoughts from the darkness. Each piece of jewellery appears firstly as an ordered auroral curve, disassembling thereafter in movement, capturing and scattering the light as it releases its latent kinetic energy.