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EOS by Sara Scanderebech


The horse has always been a symbol of beauty, pride and freedom. In mythology, it appears in different guises, such as the unicorn or the winged horse, and it is often found beside gods and goddesses. A divinity who is the quintessence of womanliness and who is very close to horses is Eos, the goddess of the dawn.


At the end of every night, the “rosy-fingered” Eos rises from her East-facing bed and rides her carriage towed by two steeds: Lampus and Phaethon (shining and sparkling respectively). This mythical carriage precedes the Sun chariot, lighting everything up with a pale pinkish light, day after day from the beginning of the times.


Light, femininity and horses have been united since the earliest times. Photographer Sara Scanderebech was able to render this myth through contemporary photography, developing a project where horses and young Amazons are brought together and shine thanks to the bright beams of Peruffo jewelry.


Many thanks to:

Horse center Team La Pista in Vairano (PV)
Amelia De Marco with C’Est Fantastique
Giulia Maria Sironi with Gioia
Valentina Ugenti with Britney