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Gioiello oro


The Square Collection goes further and gets richer by presenting Capsule_2, the second interpretation of the already classic jewelry collection, as neat and minimal in its design as always.

The Stud is a functional element which becomes iconic for Peruffo Jewelry collections; thanks to the skillful cut-work, it is now presented, beside gold, in many different semiprecious stones, in their fascinating and bright colors: howlite, Dalmatian jasper, malachite, pink opal, onyx, blue agate.

Small pyramids coming in marble white, bright green reminding of a virgin forest, speckled brown similar to a leopard fur, opalescent and impalpable pink, deep blue like the waters of a tropical lagoon, intense and solid black as a precious velvet; this is the palette to juxtapose to the classic golden Stud. A wide range of decorative accents which can be fitted to every situation, outfit or mood, making the jewel always closer to the personality of the person wearing it.


Gioiello oro pietre dure

Gioiello oro malachite, onice, opale rosa, agata blu

howlite, diaspro dalmata

pietre dure

gioiello oro con pietre dure