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I N K as black, sign, line, the essence – and the substance – of design.

I N K is an aesthetically evolved collection of jewels, with a design born out of subtractions, where voids – more than solids – characterize the piece. Designer Marta Martino started from the idea of the gem and from its classic faceted cut, and proceeding on this thought she captured its alchemy, and brought it back to the geometry of the line.

I N K are jewels made of perfect stones, imagined as if defined by a metallic gold line – black as ink, or yellow as the brightest of lights. Treasures born out of lightness and rigor; carré and diamond cuts disclose, in these designer jewels, all their complex logic and the mastery of who conceived them – just like wearing the magic of a spider web, or a work by Saraceno.

I N K jewels reveal what lies behind things, the structure of the stones, the blueprint lines conjuring up a ring, a bracelet, an earring, or a necklace, unveiling the skin in a game of contrasts, shadows and transparencies. A collection showing complexity in its simplicity.


ink ink ink