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studs seen by jelly dream


Jelly Dream arose from an idea by photographer and art director Sara Scanderebech, which soon became a collective artwork with the contribution of designer Mario Coppola and set designer Erica Mascheroni. The pictures and a 3D video dive the pieces of STUDS collection in an environment that recalls Asmr aesthetics. An acronym for Autonomous Sensory Median Response, Asmr is a video category rocking on YouTube, where audio and video inputs stimulate a subjective experience of euphoria and a mix of positive emotions and physical sensations. Gelatine, crystals, colors and animations plunge STUDS collection and the viewer in an energizing and alien world.

The three creators of Jelly Dream planet give us some clues about the origins of the project:

Sara Scanderebech: “The project originated from the idea of recreating and analyzing the aesthetics of some viral videos on social networks, which have precise aesthetic standards, as an example Asmr videos: slimes, satisfying videos, Mukbang, ice eaters. From there, I thought about food gelatine and I involved my friend Erica, who is passionate about pastry-making. We made different tries, that took us weeks, having a lot of fun before coming to the result we wanted to have in terms of shapes, colors and compactness.

The project continued to change along time, and also our perception of jellies has changed: from desire object to an unknown matter coming from other worlds.

When we saw the jewels live, the atmosphere we needed to recreate has been automatically defined, as if they had found their natural habitat: lava rocks, ice, fossils and Martian fluids that we named Jelly Dream.

From the shots to the will of realizing something which was even more tactile and concrete, the step has been short; we needed a three dimensions trip to complete our landscape, and Mario gave us his fantastic interpretation, together with an additional layer of meaning.”


Mario Coppola: “I’m Mario, the fool who tries to create 3D things.

When Sara proposed me to work on the project, she showed me the jewels and the still she produced. My will has been to follow a line tied to the organic concept, in addition to the recreation of the pictures’ environment, characterized by very strong colors focusing on blue and lilac hues. I played with the idea that the ring, at a certain point of the video, would change its substance, simulating the gelatin where it has been soaked during the shooting.”


Erica Mascheroni: “As for me, the project took its start from a phone call with Sara; as usual, beginning from the recipe for the perfect turnip greens cooking and seamlessly coming to the discussion of the latest issue of Dazed Beauty, she asked me if I would have been interested in and able to prepare some gelatine for her, to use them for a jewels shooting, well knowing my enthusiasm and attitude to take on new challenges. Useless to say, I couldn’t say no.
I started my research from Asian Instagram pages, where jelly is worked with floral motifs, coming – when I saw the jewels and their original look – to a more dry and “space” view. It was a matter of removing instead of adding. The inspiration, then, turned to an imaginary tied to science-fiction movies, like the monoliths of “2001. A Space Odyssey”, or the most recent “Arrival” by Villeneuve or, still, videos by Nasa where water bubbles float in space (Nasa Floating in Space video series).”



Sara Scanderebech was born in Nardò, Apulia. She moved to Milan to attend Brera Academy of Fine Arts. After the degree in Visual Arts, she worked as a photographer at Galleria Carla Sozzani.
She is currently digital curator and content creator for a fashion brand.
In 2019 she has been appointed official photographer of German Pavilion at Biennale d’Arte di Venezia and she took part to “Savage”, a group exhibition at Galleria Otto Zoo in Milan.

Instagram @sara.scanderebech


Mario Coppola was born in Modena but he has his family roots in Campania. After the Bachelor in Product Design, he worked in Milan for Sovrappensiero design studio. He then went back to Modena, where he started to deal with visual communication, collaborating with different studios of the area. At the same time, he started to join his knowledge of 3D softwares with everything concerning visual arts and product communication.

Instagram @cppmra 


Erica Mascheroni was born in Milan, between progressive rock, new wave and “Milano da bere”. Thanks to Dolce Forno (Ed. a toy kitchen that had a great success among kids in the ‘80s) she develops since a very young age a serious passion about pastry-making, that, because of life vicissitudes, will always be an amateur one. Mother by chance, vintage lover, cinema freak, prop mistress.

Instagram @cariebianca


Photo and Art direction: Sara Scanderebech – Set Design: Erica Mascheroni

3D motion: Mario Coppola