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Movement; light; shadow; sensuality: the defining traits of the SLIDE series gold jewels – the third Peruffo Jewelry collection by creative director Marta Martino. The thought runs to Calder’s kinetic sculptures, to Marcel Duchamp, to Jesùs-Rafael Soto, to Jean Tinguely, to Victor Vasarely. Sculptures to live and wear, 9 and 18 karat jewels for a woman looking for a trendy yet bold and unexpected piece, asserting and emphasizing with ease of movement her sensuality. An ease of movement granted to the SLIDE series jewels by the expertise and craftsmanship of the goldsmiths at Fratelli Bovo: thanks to a careful manufacture linking the individual pieces with small sliding rings, the moving gold elements of each SLIDE creation flow smoothly and fluidly, creating a wave of movement and refracted light that follows the inclination of the wearer at all times. A unique, always different jewel, always moving and transforming, just like the person wearing it. A sculpture of light and shadow, sensually blending with the woman’s body, gracing her with a jewel that will never be predictable. Interpreting the SLIDE woman, an artist working with body and movement: Franziska Aigner, performing through gold, light, and shadow for photographer Nadine Fraczkowski, to make tangible the movement of jewels, and capture it in a photographic fragment. The contrast in the photos between light and dark allows the gold elements of the jewels to emerge radiant and iridescent, like thoughts making their way through the darkness. A small fragment of aurora to take with you every day.