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Capsule_1 is the evolution of 2018 Square series, which enhances and amplifies, through the wise use of semiprecious stones, the bestsellers of the collection from which it draws its name.

The simple lines of rings, earrings and bracelets, borrowed by minimalist art and brutalist architecture, are embellished by onyx, quartz, chalcedony and topaz details. The connection between organic and inorganic components blooms, just as in the utopian brutalist city of Arcosanti; thanks to the presence of the stone natural element, the gold of the jewellery grows richer with natural and delicate colors such as the dust pink and light grey of quartz, the light blue shade of topaz and chalcedony and the deep and sharp black of onyx. The stones, fruits of the earth, are directly linked with its most antique and deep part, they are wells of energy and beauty, organic origins crystallized in hypnotic formations; unchangeable, they amplify and underline the relationship between body and object, a topic which was already a focus of Square collection.

The minimal and refined research of the creative director Marta Martino gets even more deeper and cogent, creating talisman jewellery that, thanks to the stones elements, opens and blends the borders between skin and matter.

The only thing left is to choose the stone which is more representative of yourself and which better resonate with your ancestral energy.