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2018: from the creative inspiration of designer Marta Martino, Peruffo Jewelry creative director, the Square collection is born.

Its focal element is the graphic sign distilled in its essence: the line.

Straight and curved lines give life to gold jewels as minimal as they are powerful, transcending genres and piercing the body like golden darts.

Vectors and Curves come from the suggestions of the Brutalist architecture and the Minimalism art movement. The organic juxtaposed with the inorganic forms of the utopian city of Arcosanti (Arizona, U.S.A.), by the Italian architect, town planner and sculptor Paolo Soleri; the inorganic modularity of Sol Lewitt’s works; the minimal traits of the American painter Agnes Martin; the liquid movement captured in an inflexible cage of time and space by Jared Bark and Stephan Koplowitz; the clean, simple and clean shapes of the Brutalist movement.

Golden arrows and curves, accented with onyx spheres: pure, symbolic details crossing and gracing the beauty of anyone who has the will – and the personality – to wear the essence of the sign in its most elegant form. Each Vector and Curve in the Square collection is an individual piece that can be worn as an earring or piercing, alone or paired with another piece from the same collection, to play with straight lines and curves, different lengths, distinct Studs (Peruffo closure system) and different shades of gold, from classic yellow to pink, to the sophisticated black gold.

Rings and earrings with a refined and extremely modular design, expressing all the nuances of your true self, beyond genres and conventions.

A jewel that emphasizes, without compromise.